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Internal Retaining Rings
External Retaining Rings
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Internal Retaining Rings

Internal retaining rings are designed to go through a housing or bore and snap into a grove exerting radial tension outward from the ring center. In other words, internal retaining rings expand against the housing to hold the component in place. When looking for the right external retaining ring the housing diameter measurement is important. The proper fit will be a great factor on the reliability and proper functionality of the internal retainer ring. The maximum thrust load must also be considered. Our rings are typically made out of carbon steel (SAE 1060-1095), but we sometimes them out of stainless steel and beryllium copper (for rings that have to conduct electricity more efficiently).

For over 50 years we have taken pride in our ability to meet our customers' quality standards. Ring Masters' certification, ISO-14000 as well as QS-9000, reflects the caliber of commitment we have made to achieving only the highest standards. We are also TS-16949 certified.

Our rings are used in a variety of different applications. Industries we serve include Military, Automotive, Fluid power, bearings, medical, sports equipment and more. Our rings are used in the biggest machines in some critical, high stress applications (tractors, bulldozers, tanks, drive trains) all the way down to being applied as a spacer.

We have 3 main classes of internal retaining (snap) rings. They are the NAN family, used for internal heavy duty applications, the IN family, which has two notches to aid in assembly and disassembly, and the ND family of rings, used for internal light duty applications.